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5 Ways Deltek Helps A&E Firms Excel

Posted on November 29, 2022 by

Kevin Johns

Kevin Johns

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Deltek ERPFor architecture and engineering firms, digital transformation means having real-time, 360-degree visibility into every aspect of your business. Ideally, this includes the ways you manage business development, projects, people, finances and business intelligence. Complete productivity tools built for the way A&E firms work can give you the insights you need to maintain a competitive edge.

Deltek Vantagepoint

Deltek Vantagepoint is one of the leading platforms in this space and here is a quick overview of the advantages they offer to firms like yours. 

1. Customer Relationship Management 

Knowing where the new projects are and how to position your firm to win them is key to survival in the A&E business. The work must also be profitable and worth what it costs you to pursue it. The right CRM and pipeline management platform can help you get early insights on new opportunities, identify the ones where your firm can excel, and nurture long-term relationships with decision makers to help you stand out from the competition. Deltek’s CRM and pipeline functionality helps you boost your win rate and do it profitably. 

2. Project Management 

Your project management technology should enable you to monitor every detail of your jobs in a single hub. From mobilization through close-out, you need to be able to spot trends and risks and make timely adjustments to stay on schedule and on budget. Deltek Vantagepoint not only gives you this kind of end-to-end project controls visibility, but also helps you manage resources to stay ahead of shifting client demands and market conditions. 

3. Resource Management 

Imagine what it could do for your business to combine resource management capabilities with your pipeline and project management platform. Solutions like Deltek Vantagepoint help you to optimize your workforce and maximize utilization, matching skills and experience to your book of business and identifying staffing gaps. Having the right people on the right jobs not only boosts productivity, but also promotes client satisfaction and loyalty. 

4. Financial Management 

The overall value of your A&E business, now and in the future, depends heavily on the quality of your accounting records, the reliability of your financial statements, and the consistency and growth of your cash flow performance. Deltek’s integrated platform helps you to balance the needs and preferences of your clients with interactive invoicing control that shortens time to money for you. Some advantages include better information, more flexibility and less paper, all in one digital package. 

5. Business Intelligence 

Managing a thriving architecture and engineering practice demands more than just having access to data or keeping it secure and organized. To stay competitive, you need to be able to get timely, actionable insights that help you make better (and faster) business decisions. In today’s technology market, you should demand intuitive functionality like interactive dashboards and easy-to-use reports that fit the way A&E firms operate. The Deltek Vantagepoint platform can help you stay on top of the health of your firm with deep visibility into challenges and opportunities. 

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