Zachary Yaldo

Zach is a senior at Wayne State University. He plans to graduate in the summer of 2017 with a BS in accounting.

Day 1

What really drew me towards C&M was the cheerful and enthusiastic tone of everyone I met with, as well as the opportunity to dip my toes into both Audit and Tax within the SME department. After a week at C&M, my experience has far exceeded my expectations in numerous ways. Everyone is very warm and welcoming, and within my first hour I had already met and introduced myself to just about the entire team! The biggest surprise for me was definitely the piles of snacks everywhere, and the fully stocked fridge that is always overflowing with drinks. Another great surprise was the masseuse that comes into the office for us during busy season.

My experience here so far has been fantastic, and I’m looking forward to building relationships with both my team and our clients, as well as putting what I’ve learned these past years to use.

Month One

After a month with C&M, my experience so far has been both challenging and exciting. I have already had the opportunity to work on multiple client engagements from start to finish, and on these engagements I have been able to dive deep into our client detail and really understand their businesses. The best part about working at C&M is that you are given countless opportunities to grow professionally and personally. The leaders at C&M are always willing to listen to feedback, and will help you if you want to branch out and learn something new.

The most memorable moment this past month was definitely visiting my first client site. It was an interesting experience and I was able to learn a ton of new things while I was there. My first month with C&M has been outstanding, and I look forward to seeing what else my internship has in store for me, and I will continue to put in full effort, because I know C&M puts full effort in me.