Steve Mette

Steven attended Hillsdale College where he majored in Financial Management with a concentration in Marketing.

Week 1

C&M attracted me because of its international presence. Doing business internationally is always something I’ve had a passion for and is why C&M felt like the perfect fit for me.

So far C&M is everything I anticipated and more. The “smaller firm” feel is great and you don’t feel like a lost puppy when looking for guidance. Additionally, the work that you do has a lot of responsibility behind it and knowing that you’re trusted to help get the job done is just what I was looking for in a company.

My first week: It was great! A little nerve racking at first because of the new environment and the unknown that comes with the first job right out of college, but a very smooth transition into the “real world” nonetheless. To my fortune, Transfer Pricing is a growing field and Alex Martin has really helped me with the transition and getting me acclimated to the new terminology associated with this field. I’m very excited to learn more about Transfer Pricing and refine my expertise in this area.

Also, all the employees here at C&M have been extremely helpful and open to any questions that I have had. The atmosphere here is overwhelmingly collaborative and everyone is willing to go out of their way to help someone if they are having difficulty with something. Overall I’m really excited to learn and grow with this firm and be a part of its adventure.

One Month

My experience with C&M has been great so far. I’ve really enjoyed working with Alex, our Transfer Pricing Principal, on all the different projects to help serve our clients’ needs.

Here at C&M, I love knowing that my input and suggestions are taken into account to help complete projects. Although it is only one month into the job, I already feel that my role as a Transfer Pricing Associate is truly helping our clients for the better.

One particularly memorable moment for me was taking a trip to San Diego the second week of the job to attend client meetings. Anytime you get to visit a place that is 70 degrees and sunny in the middle of winter it is always a plus and is something I will never forget.

Overall, my time here has been amazing. The culture, work, and gratification received from helping clients resolve their transfer pricing concerns has been wonderful. I’m excited for my future with C&M and look forward to what lies ahead!