Rosie is currently a senior at Grand Valley State University studying both accounting and finance. She plans to obtain her MSA by 2019.

Week 1

I first met with C&M at my college’s pre-recruitment night, and I was originally interested in them because of their friendly atmosphere. The recruiters focused more on getting to know me rather than overloading me with questions, and this really stood out. I fell in love with C&M as soon as I came to the office, everyone was so welcoming!

C&M has been more than what I expected. During the interview process I was able to speak with a handful of managers and senior accountants, but I was unsure if I would get that opportunity during my internship.  After being here for a week, I’ve had a chance to speak directly with the president and other department heads. It’s great networking experience!

The training process has surprised me the most. I had a week and a half of training, and it was extremely helpful. We went step-by-step through the software, how to run tests, and so on. I was nervous coming into the internship without prior experience, but I know now that everything we do can be learned on the job, whether in training or by asking someone around you.

I’m most looking forward to getting to know everyone at C&M, especially in my department. We have a few outings this summer, including a cycle boat trip in Detroit and playing Whirlyball in Novi. It’s a great team building experience and I can’t wait.

Month 1

After being at the firm for a month, I’ve learned a lot more than I anticipated. The experience has been above and beyond what I thought it would be. I’m given a good amount of responsibility and my feedback is encouraged, which I’m not sure is available at other firms. I’ve even gotten a chance to communicate with a few clients already.

One memorable moment during my time at C&M was the team outing on the Detroit River. I enjoyed seeing how my coworkers were like outside of work, and we all get along very well. It was a great experience and something I may not have gotten a chance to do if not for C&M!

What I like best about C&M is who I work with. Everyone is always available to help me and they want to see me succeed. They’ve not only trained me on 401(k) plans, I’ve also learned business etiquette and tips in Excel.  I also enjoy the abundance of free food, I can never get enough of it.

In all, my first month here has been great. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for C&M!