Nicole attends Grand Valley State University and is planning to graduate with her bachelors in the spring of 2018. She then plans to continue her education to obtain her MSA. This is her first internship and she is looking forward to all of the different ways she can be a benefit to the firm.

Week 1

  I was attracted to C&M originally because of the SME department. Not being far into my accounting education I was interested in the experience that I could attain from being about to work with both reviews and taxes. When I met employees at recruiting events I was blown away with how friendly they were and how willing they were to talk to me and get to know me. After recruiting I had several opportunities to get to know different individuals at C&M and each time exceeded my expectations.

 C&M is even better than I anticipated. My first day I was nervous to arrive and be the new, young intern. I was pleased to see how many people were happy to come up to me with a smile on their face and introduce themselves. Everyone seemed happy to be there and it made me feel very welcomed.

I have been pleasantly surprised by how friendly everyone is and how willing they are to come up and introduce themselves. I have felt very welcomed and it has helped make my transition smooth. After only being here for a week I can already tell that I am going to enjoy it. I really liked how I was able to talk to shareholders and managers right on my first day and feel welcomed.