Mike Bisbikis

Mike is currently attending Eastern Michigan University and is enrolled in their 150-hour Masters of Accounting program. In the past, he managed his family’s- restaurant for six years and in 2015 he sold the business and now plans to focus on his accounting career.

Day 1

The first time I had met an individual from the Clayton and McKervey team, there was a connection. The genuine smile that they were showing to be representing the firm was what sold me on making Clayton and McKervey the place to start my career. So far I would say the firm is holding up to my expectations from seeing happy coworkers entering the office early in the morning to the laughs that happen at the Java Sea lunch area. The firm seems like the right place with the right mix of people that want to help one another succeed.

With the first week in the books, Clayton and McKervey has an awesome atmosphere. I am looking forward to traveling to clients and seeing how other businesses operate. I am glad that I will get these types of opportunities so young into my career.

One Month

So far my time at Clayton and McKervey is going great. Even though I am an intern I am being treated as a full-time staff. No resource is held back and the people around me are excited to see me grow. I have been involved in multiple assignments that have their own quirks and twists and keep me stepping out of my comfort zone. With one month in the books, I am excited to continue to learn and grow here at Clayton and McKervey!