Jonathon Guastella

Week 1

I got an inside look at C&M by having Greg Schulte as a graduate professor at Walsh, since we were both second career people he gave me valuable insight about what big and small firms are like and the advantages of both.  After some reflection and various interviews I determined that the best path to a fulfilling career in accountancy would be achieved through C&M.

C&M is what I’ve expected, so far the people have been very helpful and the work has been challenging. What surprised me the most was the first thing I noticed in training – the people here are incredibly intelligent.  The intelligence is paired with humility because I’ve felt as though everyone from the senior level on up has a vested interest in watching you succeed.

I am most looking forward to getting in the field and putting what I learned in the training to practice.

Month 1

My experience has been great so far.  Everyone has been very helpful and I am learning a lot. I have enjoyed the learning process.  It can definitely be hectic, but when I have time to review everything I learned and take a step back, it feels like solving one big puzzle.

A memorable moment that I have had would be working on my first client, it was an interesting experience because this industry is a whole new experience for me.  It was memorable because for the first time I was putting what I’ve learned in the classroom into actual practice.

Over all, my first month at C&M has been very busy, but good! The days seem to fly by here and I get a little more comfortable each day.