Eric Jonas, CPA, MST

Eric Jonas is received his Bachelor’s in Accounting from Michigan State University and his Masters in Taxation from Walsh College.

Week 1

I was first attracted to Clayton & McKervey because of the outstanding reputation the firm has in the accounting community and the many opportunities for career growth the firm offers.  Clayton & McKervey is a leader in international taxation and is extremely focused on helping its employees grow and build a rewarding career.  There are a wide variety of clients to work on and also many opportunities to learn from the different departments and specialists within the company.  Everyone from Staff to Shareholders are extremely friendly and willing to teach whenever necessary.  I knew there was also a focus on the employee and helping them meet their individual goals for their careers whether that be to learn the technical aspects of public accounting in all areas, or to help generate revenues for the firm and perhaps someday become a Shareholder.  I greatly appreciate the many opportunities for networking and the help the Sales and Marketing department offer to younger staff to set you on your way.

My time at Clayton & McKervey is exactly as I expected if not exceeded my expectations.  C&M is very organized and structured to allow new staff to immediately start learning and feel comfortable.  Everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful and they have been great about setting up Performance Plans for each individual and setting obtainable, important goals to help progress your career.  I have had the chance to work on some very interesting clients within my first few weeks and have already learned so much.

I was most surprised by how organized the firm’s operations are and also how friendly and helpful the team at C&M have been.  I started with C&M just before a busy deadline and everyone still made time to answer all of my questions and set my career goals up.  The Firm has a wonderful “family” feel that is a pleasure to be a part of.

I am most looking forward to learning the many different, challenging and exciting areas of Taxation that we offer and also building an enjoyable and rewarding career at C&M.  I look forward to coming into work each day to see my colleagues and to add to my knowledge base.

Month 1

My first month working at Clayton & McKervey has been a truly delightful experience.  Everyone at the firm has been extremely helpful with any and all questions I have had and also been great at informing me of any information that would help me day to day.  All departments have been very organized and responsive with regards to getting me on my feet and getting me involved with the firm.

What I like best about working at Clayton & McKervey is the people I work with.  Everyone is very friendly, kind and helpful and I look forward to working with everyone each day.

One memorable moment was going to the ACG Golf Outing my second week working at C&M.  I was appreciative of the opportunity to network and get involved in the community and with organizations.  I enjoyed spending the day with my colleagues and networking with other professionals.

Overall my first month with C&M has been wonderful.  I am very happy to a part of the firm and my tax team and I look forward to continuing a rewarding career at C&M.

Six Months

If I could describe the past 6 months in one word it would be “welcoming”. The team at C&M have all been extremely friendly and helpful in my first six months. If you ever need help or advice the people around you are always willing to lend a helping hand. There are many activities that constantly bring the different departments together to help build relationships across the firm even though you may not directly work with everyone. C&M has also been a wonderful place to get involved and be a part of something bigger by joining different specialty teams, engaging in networking and recruiting events and numerous other ways.

I think there is not one skill that I have mastered but am learning and growing in multiple different areas. The amount of technical knowledge learned in just the first six months is extremely valuable. Also valuable are the networking skills learned at C&M.

My advice would be to get involved and engage yourself as much as possible. You will learn and grow so much by engaging in as many different areas as you can both on a technical aspect and on a networking/personal development aspect. Taking notes, asking questions, really diving into the material you are learning will go a long way to drive you forward in your career. Also important is getting to know your colleagues and helping out with different functions whether it be networking events, recruiting activities or helping to develop new processes and policies.