Danny Frank

Danny is an Albion College graduate. He loves to play tennis, and enjoys adventurous hiking.

Week 1

I was immediately attracted to C&M because of my interviews with the operations/HR team and with 2 managers. I really enjoyed the interview process, and I could strongly sense that my interviewers were proud and happy with their experience at C&M. I am attracted to C&M’s flexibility, and their goal of a “happy” workforce.

So far, I have been very happy with the training and onboarding process. The training was well executed and very personal (5 trainees).

I was surprised with the cloud technology that C&M has implemented for all work systems. I worked at a big 4 firm before coming to C&M, and I have found the technology here to be much more advanced and user-friendly.

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in the office. At C&M, accounting departments hang out with other accounting departments, and I look forward to networking and making friends.

One Month

In the accounting firm world, C&M provides a remarkably welcoming and relaxed work environment. Most accounting firms preach this concept, but many do not practice it. I have found real flexibility in the workplace here. As long as you have a good communication system with your supervisor, and work is prepared timely, occasional (ie. weekly) out of office commitments are not frowned upon. Flexibility helps to contribute to a great work/life balance. The other contributor to work/life balance is the standard hours expected during non-busy season times. I have found that most employees do not come into the office before 8am, and it appears that over half the office has emptied by 5:30pm. This work/life balance gives most of my co-workers a great attitude at work, and you can feel that in the office!

The holiday party is this week at the Detroit Zoo. I hope to have some memorable C&M experiences to share for my 6 month journal.

Month Six

The past 6 months at C&M has been very positive. There is a great balance of independence and coaching which creates the best environment for education in my opinion. The management in the tax department is top notch. They lead by example, and it encourages the whole tax department to work hard and feel like you are all working as a team to get the job done.

The most valuable skill I have mastered at C&M is communicating with quick response time and regular updates. Co-workers really appreciate that you answer questions timely, or at least let someone know that you have received the question and will address it shortly. Sometimes I fall behind on my projects, but I learned quickly that it is best practice to provide regular updates to your supervisor so they are aware of the status.

For someone starting out their career – I would advise you to accept that you will not fully understand accounting processes and calculations. Stay diligent in asking questions, and take your first year to grow and learn, so that your potential in your second year is maximized.