Bianca Cooper

Bianca is a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University.

Day 1

The individuals at C&M are what attracted me to C&M in the beginning. After attending the open house here at C&M, I felt that this was the place for me. Everyone one at the event was extremely nice to me. After hearing some of the shareholders speak at the event about their experiences at the firm and what the firm core values meant to them, I felt that at C&M I would have the ability the grow professionally and build technical skills needed to become a leader in my career field.

C&M is everything that I expected and more. The environment at C&M is one that is inviting, a family type atmosphere. The people here are very knowledgeable, the shareholders and managers are accessible and willing to help you when you need them.

The one thing that surprise me was how accessible the shareholders and managers are. I have had several shareholders including the president tell me that  they have an open door policy and if I ever need anything feel free to stop in, they are willing to help out in any way that they can.

I look forward to growing professionally, gaining technical skills and building relationships with the individuals here at C&M and our clients.

One Month

I have learned so much in the first month here at C&M, the knowledge and skills that I have gained in just one month is shocking. I have built relationships with my peers and feel apart of the C&M family. I have been able to work on a variety of assignments, which I really enjoy.

What I like best about working at C&M is the people and the culture here. Everyone is so nice and approachable, I have never felt discourage to ask anybody at the firm for help. They are really willing to help with anything rather it be job related or not.

During my first month at the firm I was able to go back to Eastern Michigan University and speak with some students about my overall experience here at C&M. The feed back that I received from students informing me of how I help motivate them, touched me and now I want to continue to be involved in recruiting and getting the word out about the firm. Helping future accounting professionals is something that I am very dedicated to. Without the help of past graduates and the faculty at EMU I would not be where I am today.

Overall my first month at the firm has reinsured me that I made the correct decision in choosing C&M. I don’t believe my experience would have been the same had I chosen a different firm. The opportunities here are endless and I have the opportunity to work in a variety of areas which would allow me to find my niche.