Misconceptions about the Research & Experimentation Tax Credit

Posted by Sarah Russell and Tim Finerty on January 26, 2017

Sarah Russell

At the end of 2015, the U.S. Senate passed a bill which made the Research & Experimentation (R&E) tax credit permanent. As we begin 2017, we wanted to remind taxpayers about some common misconceptions surrounding this credit. The research and experimentation (commonly known as the research and development) tax credit is a tax incentive that can provide tax benefits for companies investing in R&E. Only 5% of companies with qualified research activity are currently utilizing this tax incentive to the fullest extent. This article outlines what is considered qualifying activity and highlight the areas most often overlooked when calculating the …

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Maximizing Tax Savings for System Integrators & Automation Companies

Posted by Tim Finerty and Sarah Russell on June 8, 2016

Clayton & McKervey Shareholders Tim Finerty and Sarah Russell hosted a webinar, "Maximizing Tax Savings for System Integrators & Automation Companies," produced by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA). The presentation discussed recent changes in legislation and the current eligibility requirements for companies interested in benefitting from R&E tax credits.

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