Dress for Your Day

Posted by Rob Dutkiewicz on June 22, 2017

Rob Dutkiewicz

Like many of us noticing the trends among the Big 4, Clayton & McKervey has introduced a summer dress policy, called “Dress for Your Day.”  This allows staff members to dress according to the day they have planned; which could mean jeans or khakis for an office day, or a suit or blazer for days when client meetings or meetings with a banker, attorney or prospective client are on the agenda. We know this is not a new idea. Casual Friday has been around for decades, and casual dress has been the norm in some offices for …

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Thoughts on Brexit

Posted by Rob Dutkiewicz on May 17, 2017

In reflecting on the recent political events around the world, and especially in the UK., I can’t help but be optimistic that everything will work …

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Global Cash Flow Importance

Posted by Rob Dutkiewicz on March 17, 2010

For most small business owners, there’s a very fine line between their personal and business financial affairs. That’s because most small businesses are now established …

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