Quality & Core Values

Posted by Rob Dutkiewicz on January 23, 2017

Rob Dutkiewicz

It’s hard to imagine an organization of any kind staying in business for very long if it does not keep an eye on the quality of the products it produces or the services offered. We can all cite instances where a lapse in quality has cost companies reputation, customers, and plenty of money. Unfortunately, there are too many examples of these scenarios in the news today, and the damage caused by these lapses is challenging to the future of these organizations. At Clayton & McKervey, we believe that it is important to our clients, our employees, our team, and the …

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Global Cash Flow Importance

Posted by Rob Dutkiewicz on March 17, 2010

For most small business owners, there’s a very fine line between their personal and business financial affairs. That’s because most small businesses are now established …

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