Happy New Year!

Posted by Rob Dutkiewicz on January 16, 2018

Rob Dutkiewicz

I hope you and your families had an enjoyable holiday season. As we close the book on what most business owners see as a successful 2017, many are asking what can we expect in 2018.  Though the political divisions seem as wide as ever and there is no shortage of geopolitical tensions, I find that there remains a strong sense of enthusiasm among business owners in the region.  Over the last few years, I have witnessed a tremendous spirit of entrepreneurship with remarkable advancements in technology and new ways in delivering solutions to the customer.  I see no signs of …

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2017 Leadership Retreat

Posted by Rob Dutkiewicz on July 21, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to connect with our firm’s entire management group during an off-site event in Traverse City.  The retreat was organized around teambuilding, communication and planning for our future. (Yes, we built in some fun stuff, too!)   Like most firms, we are diligent about connecting as a team periodically to share updates about the business.  This year, however, was the first opportunity for everyone in management to spend three days outside the Clayton & McKervey walls focused exclusively on our culture and strategic planning.  In all, the experience was transformative for me – and survey results from the attendees affirm the positive impact it had on them as well. Here are my top takeaways:

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Dress for Your Day

Posted by Rob Dutkiewicz on June 22, 2017

Like many of us noticing the trends among the Big 4, Clayton & McKervey has introduced a summer dress policy, called “Dress for Your …

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Thoughts on Brexit

Posted by Rob Dutkiewicz on May 17, 2017

In reflecting on the recent political events around the world, and especially in the UK., I can’t help but be optimistic that everything will work …

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