Clayton & McKervey Featured in Accounting Today: Practice profile: Pricing it right

Posted by Clayton & McKervey on July 13, 2017

Clayton & McKervey

Globalization, mergers and acquisitions, and the subsequent sprouting of multi-conglomerates has made transfer pricing — the pricing of transactions between separate entities of a multi-entity company — an obligatory practice for many growing businesses. And though these companies — ranging from the behemoths like Apple, in the news for investigations into its allegedly favorable transfer-pricing arrangements abroad, to smaller multi-divisional corporations — approach the regulations as a compliance issue (or headache), Alex Martin sees things differently. With more than 20 years of experience as a transfer-pricing economist, Martin has witnessed an evolution in the process. What was once the province of …

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Clayton & McKervey shareholder helps establish new ‘Great Lakes Chapter’ of the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Posted by Clayton & McKervey on May 12, 2017

Clayton & McKervey, an international certified public accounting and business advisory firm located in metro Detroit, announces that Timothy Finerty CPA, a shareholder at the firm, is a founding board member of the newest chapter of the United-States Mexico Chamber of Commerce (USMCOC), the Great Lakes Chapter, based in Detroit.

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Reimbursable Expenses

Posted by Clayton & McKervey on March 2, 2017

Having clear expectations and processes around expense reports is important to streamline workflow while maintaining clear employee expectations. This QuickBooks article highlights tips on …

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