New Transfer Pricing Standards Raise the Bar and Widen the Net— Starting at $20 Million in Revenue

Posted by Alex Martin on April 27, 2017

Alex Martin

Major trading partners implement stringent new transfer pricing rules Transfer pricing has long been a tax concern for the largest multinationals and news articles on Apple, Starbucks, Google and others have raised the profile of this contentious tax issue. While the biggest companies (with global revenues greater than $850 million/ €750 million) have the most extensive new regulations, many middle market companies will be subject to the same requirements. Most notably, some companies with global revenues of €100 million, €50 million and even $20 million are now subject to the same higher transfer pricing documentation standards as large multinationals. New …

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Transfer Pricing News

Posted by Alex Martin on July 28, 2016

Alex Martin, Transfer Pricing Principal at Clayton & McKervey, has noticed a significant uptick in IRS requests for transfer pricing documentation at the beginning of …

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